Titel: SWISSAIR FLIGHT 111 by Simone Carneiro 

Titel der Werkserie: MAYDAY

The „Still Life“ is an underrated genre, influencing a profound undercurrent of Modernity and beyond with its fresh gaze at everyday objects. The power of the genre lies in an uncanny translation of „great“ and „heavy“ topics into an intimate space of private life and contemplation (Norman Bryson).By transferring the sites of famous plane accidents, sites where the modern, techo-anonymous sublime meets the tragedy of individual lives suddenly faced with death, Simone Carneiro comes back to the paradoxical power of the still life: To enable a contemplation of contingency and finitude in a space and state of utter familiarity. Close to home.  Knowing about the by now classical relationship of silkscreen print, car crashes and serial work embodied by Andy Warhol she nonethless takes another route from the same root. The throwing of consumer items as „oracle bones“ connects careful composition with chance. Across the various stages of the project, from haptic arrangement to mobile photography to print to the allegorical titles, emerges a complex monument of commemoration of our highly fragile and transient contemporary life, being both so obsessed with the traces we leave, and so unable to secure or control.

Text by: KT Zakravsky

Auflage: 6
Technik: Siebdruck
Größe: 49 x 32 cm

Jahr: 2019
Photo Credits: Benjamin Hofmann